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An application that runs as a Windows service and a desktop program, automating the process of transferring files from an to a FTP or SFTP server using scripts

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PyroBatchFTPServer Edition is a FTP and SFTP client that ensures secure transfers between your computer and the target server, while also providing users with a major advantage: task automation.

Relying on a powerful, yet easy to learn scripting language, it can perform download and upload operations without requiring user interaction, which can prove very useful during synchronization or backup procedures.

The application works in a similar way as PyroBatchFTP (Standard version), but there is one small difference. The Server edition also runs in the background as a Windows service, continuously executing scheduled tasks even if no user is logged in to the computer.

Its main goal is automation of transfer jobs, so don't be surprised if you won't find the standard interface of a FTP client, with side-by-side panes. Practically, in order to initiate and run an operation, you must take the time to learn all the available commands and create a script dedicated to this purpose.

The main GUI only displays detailed logging information about each event, which usually includes connecting to the server, accessing the remote and local directories, uploading or downloading a file and disconnecting.

Also, it includes scheduling options, which means that you can create a queue of tasks that will be executed at specific times. It features proxy support and command history.

PyroBatchFTPServer Edition allows unattended file transferring to and from FTP servers, allowing you to easily and quickly synchronize entire directories. And since it runs as a background service, it is suitable for server environments as well.

PyroBatchFTPServer Edition was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on June 25th, 2015
PyroBatchFTPServer Edition - You can view a list of all the actions that PyroBatchFTPServer Edition performed within its main window.PyroBatchFTPServer Edition - The 'File' menu of PyroBatchFTPServer Edition allows you to execute the task once more and show the data folder.PyroBatchFTPServer EditionPyroBatchFTPServer Edition - PyroBatchFTPServer Edition can help you schedule multiple tasks, which will be executed at a later time.PyroBatchFTPServer EditionPyroBatchFTPServer EditionPyroBatchFTPServer Edition

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