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A simple and user-friendly piece of software functioning as a FTP client that enables you to upload and download data from a server to your computer

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changelog FTP! is an efficient and easy to use application whose main purpose is to help you transfer files between your computer and a remote location, namely a FTP server.

The program features a simple yet attractive interface, displaying the local folder and the remote server in parallel views, enabling you to quickly find and download or upload the file you need. Additionally, it allows you to connect to several hosts at the same time, using a tabbed style that lets you switch between them with ease. FTP! supports both FTP and SFTP protocols ('Implicit' or 'Explicit'), so regardless of the service you are using, you will be able to work with this utility as your client. The 'Quick Connect' feature helps you input the details of a FTP host and perform the required transfer operation without too much hassle.

At the same time, the program enables you to create one or more 'Profiles' which comprise 'Basic Settings', 'Authentication' and 'For Experts' sections, stating the connection details under which you can transfer data. These profiles are then listed in the 'Connect To' menu, allowing you to click on the preferred option and almost instantly have access to your remote data.

In order to transfer files, you only have the 'Download' and 'Upload' menus to work with, as well as double-clicking an item to transfer it. Additionally, you can use the context menu options that let you download / upload a selected file.

The transfer can be done with or without masks and before proceeding, FTP! will request your confirmation as well as enable you to choose between a series of preferences. Additional functions that this simple FTP client provides you with include the ability to 'Create Directories' in the remote location, 'Rename' or 'Delete' files and folders. It also offers 'Synchro-Browsing', along with the optional creation of any missing items.

To summarize, FTP! is an efficient transfer tool that features several useful features and functions that allows you to download and upload data from and to your remote servers, in just moments. FTP! was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on February 6th, 2015
9 FTP! - FTP! is a simple application functioning as a FTP client that allows you to transfer data between local and remote FTP! - The Quick Connect section allows you to easily enter the access information and download or upload FTP! - From the Download menu of FTP!, you can choose the action they wish to FTP! FTP! FTP! FTP! FTP! FTP!

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