BitComet Acceleration Tool

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A simple add-on for BitComet, designed to provide users with the possibility to increase their download speeds, especially on slow connections

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BitComet Acceleration Tool is a very simple tool developed to speed up the downloads you make via BitComet.

Since everybody wants to take the most out of a high-speed Internet connection when using the BitTorrent protocol, BitComet Acceleration Tool could come in very handy, especially because it can take care of the entire task almost all by itself.

The program’s GUI is very plain and simple, showing only a bunch of stats and letting you choose the network interface that’s being used for the BitTorrent protocol.

You can for instance see connection status, send and received bytes, acceleration duration and a graph that helps you keep an eye on Internet traffic.

BitComet Acceleration Tool doesn’t provide too much information on the way it attempts to speed up BitComet downloads, as a help section is completely missing from the package.

Does it work? Some users would say no, and we’re tempted to go for the same answer since we didn’t experience any significant speed boost during our testing.

The app however runs okay on all Windows versions and obviously requires BitComet to be up and running on your machine.

All things considered, BitComet Acceleration Tool is just an interesting project and nothing more. Sadly, only basic information is provided when it comes to the way it tries to boost transfer rates, so this is clearly one of the things to be improved in future releases.

BitComet Acceleration Tool was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on May 30th, 2014
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