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A reliable and easy to configure server that enables you to share files with your colleagues without needing to upload files in the cloud

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When being part of a team and you are all working on the same project, you might sometimes need to share documents with each other - doing so using emails is quite time-consuming, so you can try Capsula, a reliable self-hosted file-sharing server that can be adapted to your precise necessities.

Customizable file-sharing server

After you install the application on your computer, your default browser will be opened so as to present you with the dashboard of Capsula - the administrator account is automatically logged in and you can enter your username, full name and password.

Next, you can create a list with the other users who will have access to the newly setup server - you can assign each one of them a username and a password.

You can also apply some filters to the files uploaded to the Capsula server, such as ban specified extensions, limit the maximum file size or restrict the user quota to your liking.

Make shared files to be public or private

Whenever a person in your team logs into Capsula, they will be able to upload a file on their PC and enter a brief description, then specify whether the document needs to be private or public.

It goes without saying that the private files are not visible even to the admin, whereas the public ones are - moreover, sharing the generated URL with your colleagues enables them to open it as well.

Additionally, a preview with all the shared files is available, both to the users and to the admin, with the difference that the latter can also block some of these items.


All in all, Capsula can come in handy to all team leaders who want to ensure everyone can share files with their colleagues, without needing to upload them to a cloud account and risk being accessed by unauthorized personnel.

Capsula was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on April 1st, 2014

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