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An application that provides you with a comprehensive list of file sharing websites you can choose from, in order to quickly upload your documents

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Sharing files over the Internet is no longer such a difficult task to achieve, thanks to the improved broadband connection speeds and the wide variety of hosting services available.

In fact, there are so many websites that offer you the possibility to upload documents, that you might forget about some of them if you do not keep an organized list with their web addresses.

Choose from an extensive list of websites

Data Uploading Websites is an application that comes with a simple solution to this conundrum, by providing you with a comprehensive selection of file sharing websites around the Internet. The list is neatly organized into columns, in order to save space and offer you a better perspective over the options.

The list basically contains buttons, which, when pressed, open the selected page in your default web browser. The link is set up to take you directly to the homepage, where all you have left to do is select the document and press upload to undergo the process.

View websites in memo form and control the graphical appearance

On the other hand, Data Uploading Websites does allow you to view a plain text list with all of the available websites, which can be easily copied and exported to other text editors or applications. You do not, however, have the possibility to add new addresses or edit the already existing ones.

If you are planning on keeping the utility in sight for long periods of time, you might want to customize its graphical appearance according to your personal preferences. Whether you desire another background shade or a new font color, the Settings panel enables you to take full control over the visual aspect of the application.

In conclusion

All in all, Data Uploading Websites can be considered a useful utility, although the fact that you cannot add your own websites or edit the already existing ones severely cripple its ability to be a particularly effective software solution, or add any substantial advantages over a simple bookmark list inside your web browser.

Data Uploading Websites was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on February 11th, 2015
Data Uploading Websites - You can view a complete list of all the websites within the main window of Data Uploading Websites.Data Uploading Websites - Data Uploading Websites can be instructed to display the websites in a memo from the 'File' menu.Data Uploading Websites - You can easily minimize Data Uploading Websites and fit the main window to the screen via the 'View' menu.Data Uploading Websites - screenshot #4

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