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An application used to share files over the Internet from user to user without the need of a storage server or any other file sharing service

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File sharing is one of the most common activities that evolved along with the enhancement of Internet connections and its viral spread. This is all because anyone around the world can send and receive files with a few mouse clicks and without the need of any physical transfer devices. With this in mind, DirecTransFile is a small but powerful utility with which to send files securely via the web.

Lightweight, practical and easy to use

A neat advantage is that you don't need to install the application on your system, so registries remain intact. What's more, you can keep the application along with files you want to share on a removable storage device and use it on the go.

The application stays hidden in the system tray most of the times and you'd best leave it there for continuous access to files you chose to share. With only a few, compact windows, configurations are done in a jiffy, with most time spent looking for files.

Intuitive and quick transfer setup

With the help of a quick start wizard, the application puts several options at your disposal to create a new session, either for downloading or uploading. Doing so is incredibly easy, with the possibility to drag files and folders over the corresponding window to place them in queue. Next up you need to register your session, which generates a code.

This newly-created security code needs to be kept safe, because it's the only way the target PC can receive files. By simply writing down the specific key, the process is started only after you define a download path. What's more, the uploader can also specify a password that encrypts content for an extra layer of protection.

No options to synchronize content

Through this method, only those who know the code can access files, thus providing enhanced security, with no web URLs generated or Cloud service dependencies. There aren't any connection settings at your disposal, with the transfer process being done strictly the application's way. On the other hand, this might question safety because you don't exactly know where your files end up before reaching the destination.

Unfortunately, the feature set ends here. Although you can upload whole folders, there's no integrated option to constantly refresh content, crossing out any form of synchronization. This means that for each new addition, a new session needs to be created. Luckily, the overall process only takes several seconds.

To sum it up

All in all, DirecTransFile manages to live up to expectations, offering a surprisingly simple and fast method to transfer any kind of file to literally anyone around the world, as long as there's an active Internet connection. It's disappointing that synchronization is not possible, but setting up a new session doesn't take a lot of time, making the application definitely worth a try.

DirecTransFile was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on December 19th, 2014
DirecTransFile - The Quick Start window allows you to create a new download link or generate an upload share address.DirecTransFile - You can view the downloaded files, along with the share addresses of the uploaders in the Downloads window.DirecTransFile - To create a new share, all you have to do is select the files you want and use the Register function to receive your address.DirecTransFile - screenshot #4

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