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A practical and effective program worth having when you need to share photos and videos with your friends in an intuitive environment

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DropShots is a comprehensive and effective software solution worth having when you need to share your images and video files across the online platform, by synchronizing them with your online storage. This way, you can access and view your media files from any mobile device you want, be it phone or tablet.

However, a drawback of DropShots is that it does not allow you to upload and share PDF files or any other text documents since the program supports only media files.

After creating a new account, you can easily drag and drop the desired files onto the main window of the application. After that, you can organize each video and image into specific albums by accessing your account.

Compared to other products of its kind, DropShots does not create a new folder on your computer on which you can copy or move data, nor integrates itself in the context menu. This aspect might be considered an advantage, especially from users who want to upload only specific files and access them only from their account. This way, your files will be protected against unauthorized users.

Another important aspect worth mentioning is that DropShots does not deposit your uploaded photos or video files into a public gallery, so no one can actually view and access your files, except you.

The uploading process does not take so long. It simply encrypts each file you drop in the main window of the application and uploads it to your account.

What’s more, by using DropShots you are able to import photos from your Instagram account. After specifying the username and the login password, the application will automatically grab your images (after you authorize DropShots to use your personal Instagram data). A small image thumbnail is also displayed so you can preview each imported photo, while the process still runs.

To wrap it up, DropShots proves to be a steady solution when it comes to uploading media files to an online platform and sharing your images and videos with your friends and family.

DropShots was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on June 13th, 2014
DropShots - With the help of DropShots you are able to upload images and video files to your account, then access them from any device you wantDropShots - After accessing your account, you are able to preview all of the uploaded files

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