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Transfer in a fast and secure way any file or folder using p2p technology

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File Transfer is a simple and reliable utility that allows you to easily send and receive data files between two computers.

Plain yet intuitive interface

Even though the graphic user interface does not seem too advanced, the program is quite efficient in serving its purpose.

The interface is easy to figure out and operate even for non-advanced computer users, although it requires you to input the correct IP and port to which you want to connect.

A status box is displayed, allowing you to view detailed information about the program's activity, successes and fails of the transfer process.

Also, a network traffic monitor is displayed, in order to check the speed of the download or upload tasks.

Safe P2P file transfer

The program uses a direct P2P connection, allowing you to safely transfer files between the linked computers. In order to be able to exchange files, both computers need to have File Transfer installed and running.

To generate the P2P link, one computer has to become the server, while the other has to connect to it with File Transfer.

In case of disconnect, the program will attempt to reconnect to the other users' computers all by itself, and even resume the on-going transfers.

Easily communicate and exchange files

First, you need to select a download and an upload folder. To each kind of traffic, incoming or outgoing, you can set an upper limit speed.

The transferring process is as simple as selecting the file you wish to send and pressing the 'Send File' button. Even if the network speed varies, File Transfer has a built-in buffer mode, allowing the transfer to run steadily and smoothly.

Another useful feature of the program is the ability to send and receive text messages from the other connected user.


To summarize, File Transfer is an efficient and easy to use tool for exchanging files between two computers through a direct P2P connection. Thanks to this utility, the transfer process is made easy and secure, and at the same time, it has a minimal impact on system resources.

File Transfer was reviewed by Sorin Apostol
Last updated on April 6th, 2014
File Transfer - File Transfer will allow you to transfer in a fast and secure way any file or folder using p2p technology.File Transfer - This is the Settings window, where you are able to change the incoming connection settings.

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