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Makes file sharing a routine task by offering a simple way to manage incoming transfers between different computers, with no limitations of the file size

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Sending files from one computer to another can be done via email or various other means. However, email attachments impose size limits and you must look for an alternative in case you want to transfer larger files.

Fylet File Sender is one of the tools that can give you a helping hand in this matter, aiming to facilitate file sharing by monitoring incoming transfers and allowing you to send files of any dimension to other computers or devices. Its main advantage is the ease of configuring the application, which allows you to have files transferred from and to your computer within a few seconds.

In order to work properly, the application must be installed on both PCs (or handsets). Its functioning principle is rather simple: the connection is established between two devices (computers or Android-based phones) based on automatically generated unique codes that work as a passwords for access granting.

The application assigns an unique code to each machine, as soon as you press the 'Connect' button. Practically, all you must do in order to initiate a file transfer is to exchange keys with the other user.

To send a file to another device, you must enter your friend's code into the designated field within the main window (once you are connected) and then you can browse for the desired files.

The recipient is then prompted to accept or deny the transfer. In case of an approval, the files are saved to the user-defined location. Otherwise, the convey is blocked and the operation is terminated.

There are multiple ways to share files with your friends and acquaintances, but Fylet File Sender does not limit the file size and is capable of transferring multiple files at relatively high speeds and with minimum interaction from the user's part.

Fylet File Sender was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on January 6th, 2014
Fylet File Sender - Fylet File Sender helps you share files with your friends easier than ever before.Fylet File Sender - When a new incoming file is detected, you are prompted to accept the connection or deny the file.Fylet File Sender - The Settings section is the place where you can configure the directory where the files are saved.

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