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G3 Torrent is a simple but powerful torrent client that comes with a few practical features.

The user-friendly interface is familiar, and you can control tasks by using the toolbar above the download list.

When you download a torrent, you are required to select the output destination, as well as the download order (custom or random) if the torrent contains multiple files. So, the files are individually displayed when they are being downloaded.

In the toolbar you can add a torrent from a selected file or from a URL, remove, resume / start, pause or stop torrent, as well as move it up and down in the queue.

In the tab pane you can view the status, details (transfer, peers, file, torrent), graph (total up and down rate, selected up and down rate), friends (preferred or banned IPs, add or remove friends), messages (i.e. log file), and RSS reader.

In addition, you can enable G3 Torrent to pop up any encountered errors, as well as toggle tab pane and splitter (rearranges the tab pane vertically).

In Preferences you can select a nickname, set default output directories (for incoming downloads, torrent metafiles, completed downloads, completed torrent folders), and configure options for the network, errors, transfers and web interface (optional, for remote administration).

G3 Torrent manages to download a torrent in little time, while using a normal amount of system resources. It did not jam or crash during our tests, and it comes with a well-drawn user guide on the project homepage (it contains snapshots).

All in all, G3 Torrent is a great torrent client, and its simplified interface makes it easy for any user to manage downloads.

G3 Torrent was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on December 6th, 2012
G3 TorrentG3 TorrentG3 Torrent

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