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Minimal application which enables you to create and edit TORRENT files, using two different methods and without putting a strain on the computer's performance

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The BitTorrent protocol has evolved so much that almost every single client that's on the market has the ability to create torrent files in a matter of seconds. But there was a time when only dedicated applications could do that and then you needed an application like MakeTorrent to perform that task.

Hassle-free setup and tabbed interface

The installation process you are required to go through is a breeze, as it does not come with any unpleasant surprises and it is over in a jiffy.

Finalizing it brings you to a pretty well-organized interface. It consists of a few tabs so that you can easily access all available options and several panes and buttons. Help contents are quite brief, yet due to the UIs’ overall simplicity, both power and novice users can still find their way around it with ease.

Modes of creating and editing torrents, and a few configurable options

MakeTorrent comes with two methods in which you can create a torrent file, namely a simple and a classical one. The first lets you create torrents from multiple items, while the later helps you generate single-file torrents.

The creation process takes only a few seconds, while you should also know it is possible to edit already-existing items. To be more accurate, you can reset the creating date, add comments and announce URL, and view all containing items and their size.

From the settings panel you can easily add your private trackers and save them to the program for later use, while you can also enable it to remember last used directory and tracker, and automatically save settings when exiting.

Conclusion and performance

The amount of resources used is quite insignificant, the response time is good and the interface, although not very easy on the eyes, is quite user-friendly. All things considered, MakeTorrent is a pretty decent piece of software and it is a good choice for people who still do not use one of the popular BitTorrent clients (which are also able to create torrents).

MakeTorrent was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on July 7th, 2014
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