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Based on the original DC++ open source client, this application enables you to connect to the DC network and share files with others

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Note to Softpedia users: We are aware that there is a newer version of SababaDC, but we prefer listing an older one, since the latest forces the user to install additional software or components (such as browser toolbars or new search engines in Internet Explorer).

Similar to DC++, SababaDC is a file sharing client that relies on peer-to-peer direct connections fro transferring files.

The interface of the application is plain and easy to use. On the left side of the screen you can view public hubs, the download queue, finished downloads and network statistics.

When it comes to joining a particular hub, you can view its name, description, total users, address, country, shared size, minimum share and slots, maximum hubs and users, reliability ratio and rating.

Thus, you can search for a file and optionally select its size and file type. You can also create a favorites list for hubs and users, use "ADL Search" and a search spy, and create a file index.

In addition, you can open the downloads directory, access Notepad and configure settings when it comes to personal information, connections, downloads (including favorites and queue), sharing, appearance, colors and sounds, Windows, logs, advanced options, and others.

The application takes up a moderate to high amount of system resources, contains a help file and you can use assigned keyboard shortcuts. Besides the fact that it was unable to create an index during our tests, we haven't come across any problems.

All in all, SababaDC is a very good tool for uploading and downloading information from the online platform. It may be more simplistic than similar products that you have already gotten accustomed to, but we recommend you give SababaDC a shot.

SababaDC was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on January 24th, 2015
SababaDC - SababaDC is a DC++ client that enables you to connect to hubs, communicate with others and share files.SababaDC - From the 'Network' menu of SababaDC users can easily reconnect to the hub and view network statistical data.SababaDC - SababaDC features an integrated search option that you can use to look for files in the network.SababaDC - screenshot #4SababaDC - screenshot #5SababaDC - screenshot #6SababaDC - screenshot #7SababaDC - screenshot #8SababaDC - screenshot #9SababaDC - screenshot #10SababaDC - screenshot #11SababaDC - screenshot #12SababaDC - screenshot #13SababaDC - screenshot #14

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