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A plugin for uTorrent / BitTorrent / Vuze / BitLord / BitComet that helps to keep share ratio and download speed high

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Torrent Ratio Keeper Monster is an application designed to help you keep the share ratio on BitTorrent trackers, regardless if you are using uTorrent, BitComet or Vuze.

The program integrates into the aforementioned BitTorrent clients and provides a number of options to help you increase share ratio.

First of all, Torrent Ratio Keeper Monster works with BitTorrent, uTorrent, BitComet, Vuze, Halite, BitSpirit, BitLord, ABC, Deluge and Mediaget.

There are four predefined “Global Settings” modes, “none”, “low”, “medium” and “high”, each with its own upload and download values.

Users can adjust the preferences and thus decide how much to increase / decrease the upload /download traffic. All features are nicely organized in tabs, with the “Advanced” screen allowing you to access a number of statistics such as upload and download, but also to set traffic options for each of them.

In case you find Torrent Ratio Keeper Monster quite difficult to use, there's always the help file that provides detailed explanations on each of the tool's features. Still, you need an Internet connection to access the documentation because it is available via the official page of the developer.

The good thing about Torrent Ratio Keeper Monster is the interface, which makes everything very easy to use, but also the predefined settings that may come in handy to beginners.

All in all, Torrent Ratio Keeper Monster remains a pretty useful app for BitTorrent fans, but keep in mind that in some cases using this kind of software solutions might result in your account getting banned.

Torrent Ratio Keeper Monster was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on February 19th, 2015
Torrent Ratio Keeper Monster - Torrent Ratio Keeper Monster is the ultimate tool that will enable you to dramatically increase the speed of your downloads.Torrent Ratio Keeper Monster - From this window you will be able to setup the way Torrent Ratio Keeper Monster will work.Torrent Ratio Keeper Monster - screenshot #3Torrent Ratio Keeper Monster - screenshot #4Torrent Ratio Keeper Monster - screenshot #5

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