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Convert torrents into stand-alone exe files and download them without a client.

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Torrent2Exe is a very simple application that converts any torrent file into an executable and thus lets you download files without the need for a BitTorrent client.

The applications sports a very clean and intuitive interface that can be safely used by beginners because the whole process comes down to only a couple of clicks.

First, you are required to provide the location of the torrent file, which translates into two options: you can load it from your local disk or from the Internet, in which case you need to input the URL.

After that, just pick the size of the executable file and you're ready to go. Again, there are two available options: small size, so some other components may be downloaded, and normal size, which is actually the faster way to deal with the EXE.

Hitting the “Download EXE” button should do the rest of the job, prompting you to choose the location to save the executable file.

Of course, converting torrent files to EXE files could come in handy to users who aren't allowed or simply don't want to install a BitTorrent client on their computers. And even if you use an EXE file instead of a dedicated app, downloading takes place at the same high speeds we've seen in BitTorrent.

Although it doesn't come with a help file, Torrent2Exe is pretty easy to use and runs on very low computer resources, while being compatible with all Windows versions.

All of the above leads us to a simple conclusion: if you don't want to use a BitTorrent client, Torrent2Exe is the easiest way to deal with torrent files.

Torrent2Exe was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on March 19th, 2013
Torrent2Exe - You can use the main window of the application to download your torrent files.Torrent2Exe - You can choose to randomize the port on each start the application when your system starts from the Torrent2exe options window.

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