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This simple to use application allows you to securely send data from your computer to a remote one and displays hash information about the files

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U-Tranz allows easy sharing of files across computers in the same network, providing you with a fast way to transfer pictures and other types of files to other PCs. Relying on the UDP protocol, it works as a client-server application that permits transfers between different workstations.

Its most important advantage is related to the supported transfer size. Its approach implies splitting a large file into multiple smaller sections and sending it to the computer running the server piece by piece, automatically reconstructing the original file with the help of the integrated file joiner.

Thanks to this algorithm, U-Tranz can overcome the limitations imposed by other applications that are based on the UDP protocol, which normally allow file transfers of up to 64 KB.

The Server application displays your IP address (which you must communicate to the computer running the client) and waits for incoming connections. On the other hand, the Client is used for selecting the locally stored file you want to transfer.

Both the client and the server are really easy to use, providing a log pane where you can review all the actions that have been performed so far. Practically, the server user must enter the client's IP address, while the client application can extract the server's IP upon packet arrival.

Considering the algorithm it relies on, it is important to verify the file integrity once the transfer is completed. The application automatically generates the SHA-512 hash code for the input, enabling you to compare the initial checksum with the one of the received file.

While there are a multitude of methods to transfer files across a network to other users (IM and LAN clients, the Internet), U-Tranz offers a faster and more efficient sharing method, which makes it a practical tool for any user.

U-Tranz was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on February 11th, 2014
U-Tranz - U-Tranz offers you the possibility to securely send files from your computer to another one.U-Tranz - The application displays SHA information about the received file and decrypts it.

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