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File sharing between peers is still one of the most widespread activities and the applications that are especially designed to cater to this need are by no means declining, at least not in number or functionality.

Among the many tools that facilitate searching, uploading and downloading, IMesh aims for one of the top positions in its category and it has become quite popular with users worldwide. Thanks to a quite attractive user interface, the program combines good looks and practicality to offer an enjoyable experience to its users.

The software is also suited for keeping multimedia, games and document files organized and ready for sharing. IMesh can also be used for finding and getting in touch with user who share the same interests and musical preferences.

A welcomed characteristic, that is nonetheless to be expected from such a program, is the ability to handle concurrent downloads from several users. Resuming interrupted downloads is also possible and this feature means that you can get the file automatically, even if, for some reason, they were discontinued at times.

Another particularity that is not so common among this type of applications, is the possibility of accessing and viewing the files shared by your friends. Security is by no means neglected and IMesh comes with filters that can be configured from the 'Parental Controls' area of the 'Preferences' menu and which prevent access to virused files or offensive content.

The built-in player, equipped with an equalizer that can be activated from the 'View' menu, offers seamless playback of the downloaded files. The utility is fully equipped for creating and managing playlist, so pretty much all tasks related to multimedia content are covered.

All in all, thanks to a strong feature pack and easily configurable features, IMesh is indeed a tool to have, especially since it is easy to operate and pleasant to look upon.

iMesh was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on July 21st, 2014
iMesh - From the main window of iMesh you can view a full list of your music files and create customized playlists.iMesh - The File menu enables you to create a new playlist and scan your computer for media files.iMesh - Users will be able to access the downloads or equalizer windows, as well as the music or video upload list.iMesh - screenshot #4iMesh - screenshot #5iMesh - screenshot #6iMesh - screenshot #7iMesh - screenshot #8iMesh - screenshot #9iMesh - screenshot #10iMesh - screenshot #11iMesh - screenshot #12iMesh - screenshot #13

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