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Download files and easily share your documents with other users with the help of this intuitive, peer-to-peer file sharing application

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Lphant is a handy peer-to-peer file sharing application that relies on the emule / edonkey protocol to help you exchange files between multiple computers. It aims to ease the transmission of data amongst client nodes, while preserving a simple look.

Built-in configuration wizard and intuitive GUI

At first launch, you are welcomed by the configuration wizard, which assists you in defining your nickname, setting up the connection, selecting download folders and customizing transfer limits. Alongside the forthright interface, the wizard is designed to make things as easy as possible, which makes the application suitable for both advanced and inexperienced users.

Before searching for files to download, you must connect to a Kademlia network or a edonkey server. A list of choices can be found in the designated section of the application and initiating a connection is just a matter of a few clicks.

Search for files on edonkey servers or Kademlia networks

You can use the 'Search' section to look for files on the server and filter the results using various criteria, such as keywords, size and availability. Lphant also enables you to look for torrent files on various hosting websites and download files from there.

On-going downloads can be monitored within the main window, where you can view their total size, the current download speed, the source, status and the operation progress. With just a click you can pause and stop the task, view file comments and modify the file priority. Shared files can be managed from the designated tab of Lphant, where you can view all the files you previously uploaded.

A reliable and easy to use P2P file sharing tool

Lphant is a handy tool for downloading and sharing files with others, ensuring compatibility with eMule and BitTorrent. It displays download statistics and enables you to create a list of friends that you can connect to in seconds and send messages containing text and emoticons.

Thanks to the simplistic interface, it is easy to configure and work with, while also providing satisfactory download speeds. Furthermore, it allows remote control and comes with options for limiting the file transfers.

Lphant was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on April 29th, 2014

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