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A handy Chrome extension that can lock your browser and prevent other people from using it based on a password defined by the user

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Browser Lock for Chrome is a handy and reliable browser extension that can provide an enhanced level of security for your browsing data, being able to prevent unauthorized access inside Chrome.

By default, Chrome doesn’t provide any option to lock itself based on a user-defined password, which means users who need this kind of protection will have to search for a third-party extensions that can achieve this task.

Browser Lock for Chrome is one of them, especially designed to provide a more private browsing environment by locking pages, bookmarks and several other sections of Chrome. Access is granted only to the user that enters the password that was previously set as protection.

In order to successfully install it, simply drag and drop the add-on onto the Extensions section of the browser and give it permission to install. At this point, you will be taken directly to the Options page, where setting a new password is mandatory.

This is a rich area, where you can configure the behavior of the add-on in detail; for instance, you can enable locking for the list of extensions, as well as for about pages, Chrome Webstore and bookmarks (this is still in the experimental stage, so use it at your own risk).

You can have the add-on automatically lock the browser when an idle computer state has been detected. In addition, you can set a hotkey for triggering the locking process.

Once the browser has been locked, you will be required to enter the admin password in order to obtain access to it again. However, we’ve noticed that even if the correct phrase has been specified, the add-on won’t unlock the page on the spot; you need to leave the current tab, then to re-access it for the unlock operation to be done.

This bug aside, Browser Lock for Chrome does its job decently. However, it hasn’t been updated in quite a while, so incompatibilities with newer versions of Chrome should be expected.

Browser Lock for Chrome was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on December 23rd, 2013
Browser Lock for Chrome - The extension allows you to lock your browser interface by clicking the button from the address bar.Browser Lock for Chrome - You can change the password and the extension's behavior in the Options window.Browser Lock for Chrome - This window also enables you to hide your bookmarks but this is still an experimental feature.

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