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Easily send data from your browser to your Windows Phone 7 device with the help of a simple and easy to configure Chrome extension

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Chrome to Windows Phone 7 provides you with a handy browser extension that aims to make data transfer between the Windows Phone 7 handset and Google Chrome just a matter of a few clicks.

Once installed, this addon adds a new button to the navigator's toolbar, providing fast and convenient access to its options and features. If the new icon is rather inconvenient to you, it can be easily hidden using the dedicated option in the right-click menu.

In order to make it work properly, the Chrome to Windows Phone 7 mobile app must be installed on your handset and the application passcode (found in the 'Settings' section of the phone app) must be entered in the 'Settings' area. Once you go through these steps, the PC and the phone should be paired, which means that they can mutually exchange data, without user confirmation.

What this extension actually does is connect the Chrome browser installed on the local PC with the similar mobile application and allow the transfer of accessed links and selected text pieces from the browser to the handheld device. Consequently, it requires permission to access the data on all the visited websites, as well as the tab and the browsing activity.

The addon sends a push notification to the Windows phone, which is displayed as a 'toast' on the phone screen, notifying you regarding the incoming data. No matter if the notification succeeded or not, you can view a complete list of all the recently accessed links and the selected text sections when the mobile app is launched. The URLs can be easily opened using the phone or sent via email or other sharing method.

Chrome to Windows Phone 7 offers a convenient and fast method for sending the browsing history to your handheld device. Unfortunately, no other phone model is supported, but Windows Phone users can benefit from its capabilities without having to deal with complicated configuration options.

Chrome to Windows Phone 7 was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on November 18th, 2013
Chrome to Windows Phone 7 - This is the way Chrome to Windows Phone 7 will be displayed within your browserChrome to Windows Phone 7 - In order to be able to use Chrome to Windows Phone 7 efficiently you will need a passcode for your handsetChrome to Windows Phone 7

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