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Add, edit and delete cookies through the use of this comprehensive and practical extension that provides quick access to all its functions

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Cookie Manager for Chrome is an extension that allows you to manage your browser cookies so you can keep it running smoothly and safely.

As usual, the extension is easy to install. You either get it from the Chrome Web Store or download the CRX file and drag and drop it into the browser. Like all the Chrome extensions, it creates a new icon in the interface from where you can access it and its functions.

A simple click brings out the main window where you can see all the available cookies from domains and subdomains. You are able to edit their values, domains, paths, store ID and tag them as ‘Host only’, ‘HTTP only’, ‘Secure’ or ‘Session’. An expiration date can also be set for each individual cookie.

In case you want or need to, Cookie Manager for Chrome allows you to add a new cookie by providing the previously mentioned information plus an additional name and location path.

All the existing cookies are displayed in a tree structure which makes it very easy for you to identify and analyze them to see if they are potentially harmful or not. You even get a practical search function to help you with that.

If you indeed find any, they can be easily deleted with a simple click. This might or might not work as you want it to because some cookies reappear after they are removed.

In closing, Cookie Manager for Chrome is a tool you can definitely use to make browsing with Chrome a bit more safe.

Cookie Manager for Chrome was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on January 21st, 2014
Cookie Manager for Chrome - The extension can be accessed from the main button in order to display the information about the webpage cookies.Cookie Manager for Chrome - You can also open the information in a new tab by selecting the command from the context menu.Cookie Manager for Chrome - The Options page enables you to change the button image and to remove the context menu entry.

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