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A lightweight and efficient extension for Chrome and Opera that allows you to add, delete, search, edit, block and protect cookies

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A cookie or a HTTP cookie is the data that is stored by your web browser when you visit a website in order for it to be able to record all or part of your activity.

This way, the next time you open the website, it intuitively fills out various information fields and memorizes certain preferences.

Edit This Cookie is a Chrome extension that is designed to help you modify the data that is stored by them. It can be added from the shop or by using the drag and drop action over the extensions section of the browser.

It then adds an icon in the in the Chrome interface which you can click to access the extension’s features. To be able to view the cookies for a website, you first need to have the website opened in your browser and its tab selected. Clicking the ‘Edit This Cookie’ icon brings out a window that displays all the active cookies.

From its straightforward interface, you can delete all the cookies, add new ones, export them or search for a specific one. To edit it all you have to do is simply click the appropriate field and simply type in the new information. This way you are able to directly protect a cookie, block it or limit its maximum expiration date.

During its use, the extension keeps track of all the cookies you’ve edited and displays a colorful graph that shows its activity from the date it was installed. You can configure Edit This Cookie and have it add an entry in the context menu that allows you to directly edit a cookie. Moreover, in case you don’t want to deal with a large amount of them, you can set a maximum cookie age that is applied to all of them.

In closing, if you’re looking for a simple and practical way of managing your browser's cookies, you can certainly try Edit This Cookie.

EditThisCookie was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on November 1st, 2014
EditThisCookie - EditThisCookie is an extension for Google Chrome and Opera that allows you to add, edit, delete and block cookies.EditThisCookie - You can easily add new cookies by specifying their title, value, domain and expiration date.EditThisCookie - You can view your blocked cookies, as well as block new ones by accessing the dedicated section.EditThisCookie - From the dedicated section, you can visualize how many cookies you created, modified and deleted.EditThisCookie - From the Options section, you can choose the preferred export format, as well as display the extension in the context menu.

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