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This browser extension is designed to help you customize the Facebook login page by adding themes or changing the background picture

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FB Refresh is a simple Chrome extension that allows you to completely change the appearance of the Facebook login page. If the default login page does not seem appealing, this add-on can help you “refresh” its look with just a few clicks.

As Facebook is one of the most popular websites, millions of users are loading the login page daily in order to check on the latest images and news from their friends. The page is designed to provide you with additional links and the option to create a new account.

When you already have an account and only need to login, the other elements are simply useless. Unfortunately, the website does not provide you with a customization tool for changing the its layout.

This is where FB Refresh comes in. The main goal of the extension is remove all non-essential elements and only leave the user and password fields. You can also view the password reset link just in case you cannot remember your passphrase.

Besides changing the layout, the add-on also lets you set a background image and provides you with multiple themes. Although you can select an image from the local disk, the extension automatically needs to upload it to imgur in order to retrieve it every time you load the Facebook site.

You can fine tune the overall aspect by specifying the image position, size and repeat pattern. The text and background colors for the login fields can also be specified by using hexadecimal color codes.

A potentially useful feature is the ability to search for images optimized for your display resolution directly from the Settings tab. Unfortunately, during our tests the add-on did not provide any results.

FB Refresh includes a lot of options that can spice up the Facebook login page and requires very little time to make the desired changes.

FB Refresh was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on November 15th, 2013
FB Refresh - The extension allows you to personalize the Facebook login page by setting a custom style and background.FB Refresh - You can choose an image from your computer or enter the URL of an image in the Options tab.FB Refresh - The logo style and the colors used in the login page can be adjusted by entering the color code.

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