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This is an easy to install and use extension that acts like an instant zooming tool for any image you come across on any website you visit

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Most users of social networks or services like Facebook or Flickr browse and look around for interesting pictures on a daily basis and sometimes are confronted with some issues that prevent the selected images from opening, something that may cause a lot of frustration.

For those who want to check out a profile photo or simply glance at a larger version of a thumbnail picture, some browser extensions may do the trick. If you are running Google Chrome on your system, for example, you could try a neat add-on called for Chrome.

This enhancement, once added to your Internet browser, will allow you to have images displayed in their larger size just by hovering the mouse cursor over those photos. This functionality applies only to zoomable pictures, but once you experience it, you will see how easy it can be to view photo albums, for example, without losing lots of time waiting for each image to load.

Besides its main functionality, namely that of enlarging pics without any clicks, the for Chrome extension is also able to bring some other extra functionality, this time integrated inside the right-click menu.

More precisely, the add-on will make it possible for you to search for similar images and share any picture with your Twitter or Facebook friends. Your browser's context menu can also accommodate an option to customize images using one of the effects that are made possible thanks to the pixlr online service.

To conclude, it's safe to say that once someone tries this extension in their preferred browser, chances are they will keep it for along time. Very easy to use and thanks to its great features, for Chrome earns a spot among the browser add-ons recommended for any user. for Chrome was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on December 4th, 2013
2 for Chrome - The extension allows you to view a larger version of the image by simply hovering the thumbnail with the mouse for Chrome - You can disable the image zoom and search for similar images from the context menu.

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