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A practical extension that allows you to load images and news from Instagram in a popup window which also displays the friend requests

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Instagram for Chrome is a lightweight browser extension that can provide a compact and streamlined view of your Instagram account, delivering access to feeds, friend requests, comments, to name just a few.

It was designed as an alternative to the traditional way of accessing Instagram, offering a more attractive approach where your profile is made available regardless of the page you’re visiting. Thereby, Instagram accounts become fully manageable from an independent panel that is also omnipresent.

In order to deploy the extension inside Chrome, simply drag and drop it onto the Extensions panel of the browser and give it the permissions required to access your Instagram account. The presence of the add-on becomes noticeable through an icon placed near the address bar, which triggers a panel that retrieves information from Instagram.

Naturally, you will be asked for your credentials and as soon as you provide them, you will be able to gain access to the feed, your profile and several other goodies. These include the possibility to view friend requests, likes, and links to the most popular photos on Instagram.

It is also possible to visit and manage your profile, while the search function allows you to quickly locate other users or navigate content by tags. If you enable the Popout View, you will be able to control the extension from an independent window, which is more comfortable than the classic panel, in our opinion.

In conclusion, Instagram for Chrome can be a good companion if you are looking for a slick way to manage feeds and photos. The most appealing aspect of all is that you can call upon it whenever you like, without visiting the official Instagram page.

Instagram for Chrome was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on August 27th, 2015
Instagram for Chrome - The Instagram extension can be accessed from the address bar button in order to load the popular imagesInstagram for Chrome - You can load the popup in a separate window or open another page, search for popular photos and more

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