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Adding extra functionality to your web browser using extensions is one of the characteristics of the most popular Internet navigators, such as Google Chrome. There are a wide variety of addons out there that can be used for easing everyday's work, from tab organizers to download managers and more.

OneClick - Torrent Easier is just an example of a browser extension that can help you grab TORRENT files from the Internet much faster. Designed to enhance the capabilities of Chrome's integrated download manager, this extension practically unpacks the TORRENT file and downloads its content.

The main advantage that OneClick - Torrent Easier brings you is that a dedicated torrent client is not required anymore for handling torrents and managing your downloads. Everything becomes easier and faster, since your Chrome browser is capable of opening TORRENT files and save the contained files to the default download folder.

Although it does not bring you all the advantages of a torrent desktop client (for instance, you cannot stop or pause the download process, set download or upload limits, allocate bandwidth etc.), this addon surely enhances the downloading experience, enabling you to grab the desired files much faster.

Installing the extension is very easy, as you just have to drag and drop the CRX file to the 'Extensions' page. Once installed, OneClick - Torrent Easier allows you to transform your Chrome browser into a more powerful download manager.

OneClick - Torrent Easier manages to handle downloads without requiring a lot of system resources or slowing down your PC. Just paste the download URL in the web browser and the files are downloaded immediately.

To conclude with, OneClick - Torrent Easier can help you manage torrent downloads easier and faster, without having to install any additional application on your computer. And since a browser extension can be easily installed by any type of user, it is worth trying for anyone who does not want to deal with torrent clients.

OneClick - Torrent Easier was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on May 20th, 2013

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