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A browser extension that provides you with easy and fast means of pinning and cataloging images and videos using using Pinterest

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Pinterest needs no introduction as it is one of the most popular and widespread image collecting, sharing and re-sharing services there is. You can use it to create themed collections of images and videos that showcase things you like, places you visit and why not, give your friends some hints about what you want for Christmas.

The pinboard-style website enables you to greatly shorten the time it normally takes you to copy the URL of the image or video you want to share and paste it into a chat, post in on your blog or similar situations. And that if the image's link is in plain sight and you don’t have to go looking for them.

Pinterest eliminates all that trouble and Pinterest Pin It Button makes sharing images and videos with your friends an almost instant thing.

Pinterest Pin It Button is a Chrome extension that can be easily installed in your browser and is ready to use without restarting it. After installation, the extension only adds a button in the browser’s interface which allows you to pin the images to your pinboards.

Since the extension is used to share images and videos, the tab you have opened in your browser needs to have image or video content in order for the extension to work. Clicking the ‘Pin’ button automatically opens all the identified images and videos and displays them as smaller thumbs. This way you are able to preview the content and add captions to it before pasting it on your digital wall.

In closing, using Pinterest Pin It Button makes it extremely easy and fast to save, sort and create catalogs of things you like and then share them with friends.

Pinterest Pin It Button was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on November 13th, 2013
Pinterest Pin It Button - The extension adds a new button to the address bar that allows you to pin the current webpage to the Pinterest pinboard.Pinterest Pin It Button - You can select the image that you want to replace by pressing the Pin it button.

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