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A useful add-on that will make it possible for anyone to easily modify the connection parameters that their Chrome browser uses

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All web browsers offer their users the possibility to extend the default feature set and expand the capabilities of the Internet navigator through the use of add-ons or extensions. Google Chrome is no exception and it even has a dedicated Store where such enhancements can be downloaded and installed directly.

For those users who use several profiles for establishing Internet connections, at home, at work or on the go for example, a handy addition would be a small add-on called Proxy Switchy!. This extension will enable you to create and manage several sets of options for proxy connections.

The first step after installation would be to create a profile by filling in a few required fields in the 'Options' area of the extension. Thus, you can assign the desired name, input the proxy address and port manually or use the automatic configuration available at an URL of your choice. It is also possible to specify the addresses for which the connection is not established through the proxy.

To further assist you in managing the Internet settings for Chrome, Proxy Switchy! Allows you to set up rules for switching profiles automatically. Just as in the case of the profiles, you will be able to specify an online file that holds the list of rules and the frequency with which you want the proxy profile to be reloaded.

In case you have onto your system some applications that can make modifications to the connectivity settings, Proxy Switchy! is able to restore the options from your selected profile as soon as it detects any changes made by other utilities.

If you want to share the rules you created with your friends or load them in another browser, you can use the trustworthy dedicated 'Export' functions. Also, backing up all the configurations and restoring them whenever necessary is also possible.

To conclude, Proxy Switchy! is indeed a valuable helper that many Google Chrome users will surely appreciate from the first moments they put it to work.

Proxy Switchy! was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on November 11th, 2013
Proxy Switchy! - The extension allows you to select the connection profile by clicking the main button.Proxy Switchy! - You can create a new connection profile by entering the name and the connection preferences in this tab.Proxy Switchy! - This tab enables you to create switch rules that will automatically change the proxy profile.Proxy Switchy! - screenshot #4Proxy Switchy! - screenshot #5Proxy Switchy! - screenshot #6

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