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Chrome extension that protects the whole web browser with a password, which will be asked for at each startup, and exits otherwise

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Simple Startup Password is a Chrome extension that enables users to protect the web browser with a password, in order to prevent other people from using it.

Google Chrome does not provide a built-in option for doing this. Meanwhile, Firefox includes the "master password" feature, but it still lets users navigate the web, as long as they are not trying to access accounts protected by the web browser.

Simple Startup Password disables this privilege altogether. Although it may look like a drastic measure, it's the most effective one when it comes to online data security against other users.

In order to install this add-on, all you have to do is move the CRX file to the "Extensions" tab of Chrome's "Settings" area. After it is automatically enabled, you have to click its "Options" link and enter the preferred password.

From this point on, users will be prompted for a password each time they run Chrome. If the key is incorrect, the web browser automatically exits. It is possible to change the password too, by following the previously mentioned steps.

Simple Startup Password does not burden Google Chrome, like slowing down its performance. It uses low CPU and RAM, and works smoothly. No error dialogs were shown in our testing, and the browser did not hang or crash.

When it comes down it to, Simple Startup Password offers a very simple, yet effective method for keeping Chrome safe from unauthorized users, by protecting it with a password that's known only to you.

Simple Startup Password was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on November 18th, 2013
Simple Startup Password - When you will open your browser the home page will load but you will not be able to use it until the right password is entered.Simple Startup Password - If you fail to provide the correct password the extension will display a warning message and close the browser.Simple Startup Password - The Options window allows you to change the password with no confirmation message.

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