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A simple yet reliable browser extension that adds a download button to all the tracks from the SoundCloud website so that users can grab them easier

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SoundCloud is a popular platform created especially for musicians who want to upload and share their original creations with their fans, as well as promote and distribute their albums. Users who listen to these songs on a regular basis and would like to download them to their computer can try SoundCloud Downloader for Chrome.

In order to install this extension, one first needs to download it then drag and drop it on top of the Extensions tab of Google Chrome (it can be found in the Tools section of the main menu), otherwise the installation will fail.

The sole purpose of this browser plugin is to add a new button to each SoundCloud track so that everyone can simply click it and automatically download the track. Once the process is completed, the MP3 file can be found in the folder defined as the default download location for Chrome.

The benefit of using a browser extension for grabbing SoundCloud songs is that users are no longer required to copy and paste the song URL, so they can save a lot of time as they only need to click a single button.

Removing the extension from Chrome can be achieved just as easily as installing it: users need to click its Remove from Chrome button from the Extensions section.

To wrap it up, while it might not have a plethora of customizable functions, SoundCloud Downloader for Chrome does serve its purpose and allows users to quickly and effortlessly grab their preferred songs and enjoy them on their PC.

SoundCloud Downloader for Chrome was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on November 14th, 2013
SoundCloud Downloader for Chrome - The extension allows you to download the songs from SoundCloud by adding a new button to the interface.

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