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Retrieve blocked YouTube videos with minimum effort.

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YouTube Unblocker for Chrome is a browser extension that facilitates the playback of YouTube video files that are blocked in your region. If Chrome is not your browser of choice, the add-on is available for other web navigators as well, such as Firefox, Opera and Safari.

If you’re a frequent YouTube visitor, you may have encountered this message a few times: ‘This video is not available in your country’. The restrictions are usually set by the owner of the content, who may have forbidden access to the videos for certain geographic regions. If your IP is detected as matching one of the restricted locations, you won’t be able to watch the clips.

However, this limitation can be overcome by using a proxy address that makes your IP untraceable. This is exactly the principle that YouTube Unblocker for Chrome was built on, spearing you the labor of manually assigning a proxy IP address.

The extension carries the job silently, without requesting your assistance. If you’re expecting to tweak it, you might be slightly disappointed, since it bears no settings whatsoever.

User efforts are reduced to installing the extension only; this can easily be achieved by dragging and dropping it inside the Extensions tab of the browser. After deployment, you can start testing it with videos that you didn’t have access to in the past. If you can watch them, then the extension is doing its job properly.

During our tests, we were able to watch content that we knew was forbidden in our region, but we cannot guarantee for it, since there’s no way of telling if it works for any location (it depends entirely on the quality of the proxy servers involved in the operation).

In conclusion, YouTube Unblocker for Chrome deserves a try if YouTube restricts you from watching a certain video. It’s a good alternative to manually attempting to change the browser’s settings, especially for beginners.

YouTube Unblocker for Chrome was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on August 17th, 2013

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