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A simple, easy-to-use and reliable extension designed for Chrome in order to help users to automate various actions inside the browser

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iMacros for Chrome is a useful and reliable browser extension that enables you to fully or partially automate repetitive tasks that you are required to perform in Google Chrome, by creating 'Macros' which can run without your assistance.

In order to install the addon in your browser, you will need to drop the downloaded file onto an open tab of 'Extensions' and confirm its addition to Google Chrome, after which it will place an icon next to your search bar, allowing you to easily access it when you want to work with it.

When you click on iMacros for Chrome's icon, a small, undocked panel will popup letting you view your 'Macros', as well as the demonstration items, which you can use to base our own automation tasks on.

iMacros for Chrome enables you to 'Record' in order to create a new 'Macro', and the extension will capture your every mouse and keyboard action, saving it to an IIM file, which can later be edited to fulfill your needs at the time.

When you need to run the repetitive task, you can simple select the targeted 'Macro' and press the 'Play' button. It will then automatically run the previously recorded movements and actions, without you touching a single key. Additionally, you can set it to run on a loop for any number of times that you might need.

iMacros for Chrome can be used for a variety of simple tasks, such as filling online forms, looking for the occurrence of a word on a webpage, opening a set of predefined tabs or uploading a file to a previously chosen website.

In conclusion, iMacros for Chrome is a user-friendly and efficient browser addon which can help you automatically execute the more repetitive tasks in your daily work, saving you valuable time and effort in the process.

iMacros for Chrome was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on July 24th, 2015
iMacros for Chrome - iMacros for Chrome allows you to create macros which ease off your work , by automating certain processes such as auto-fill.iMacros for Chrome - While in the Bookmarks tab, you can seamlessly check what macros are created as you browse.iMacros for Chrome - By accessing the Record tab, you can start capturing a macro, or take a screenshot while browsing.iMacros for Chrome - screenshot #4iMacros for Chrome - screenshot #5

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