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A useful application that will enable you to easily send a webpage loaded in Internet Explorer to a local or network printer to have the content listed

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Saving and printing webpages is an easy job since almost all web browsers offer these functions by default. Nonetheless, for those who want a bit more than a mere 'Print' button, there are come dedicated tools that provide some extra functionality.

Among those utilities you can come across Epson Web-To-Page which is in fact an addition especially created for Internet Explorer users. Once this is installed onto your system, it will become available as a toolbar integrated with your browser.

There are only a couple of buttons inside that toolbar, but the functionality offered by Epson Web-To-Page consists of a bit more than that. You can print the content directly, by using the dedicated command, or you can activate the 'Print Preview' in order to be able to perform some supplementary adjustments.

If you go for the latter option, you will have at your disposal zooming controls for taking a closer look at the content selected for printing. Depending on the length of the webpage, you can have several pages to print and it is possible to choose which will be enqueued by Epson Web-To-Page.

When it comes to the detailed settings for the pages that will be sent to the printer you have opportunity to tweak paper options, as well as header and footer parameters. Thus, you can pick the desired paper size, orientation and margins.

A neat feature of Epson Web-To-Page is the ability to add a set of details to the header and footer of each page. More precisely, you can have the title, URL or page number stamped on the upper or lower part of the page. Also, the date and time can be imprinted in short or long format and even a custom text can be added.

To sum things up, with Epson Web-To-Page you get a small set of useful features, even if they are quite basic. As easy as it may be to use, the application could do well with some more advanced functions.

Epson Web-To-Page was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on January 30th, 2014
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