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Automatic Facebook like from Firefox

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Social networks, like Facebook, facilitate the communication among friends and reunite people who have the same interests and like the same things. Based on this kind of affiliation, it's a common practice to 'Like' the status shared by those in one's friend list.

In many cases, though, the list may be considerably extended, a fact that makes viewing and 'liking' quite time consuming. Worry not if this is your case because now you can enlist the help of a small tool called Auto Like Facebook Statuses.

Especially designed to work with Firefox web browser, this extension is able to give you back some of your time since it can click the 'Like' button automatically for the statuses of all your Facebook friends and groups.

Since it is an add-on, Auto Like Facebook Statuses can be easily installed in your browser and no further configurations will be required. As long as it is active and you are logged into your Facebook account, the extension will do the job on its own.

As a side note, you should use this responsibly and have a care to avoid spamming because the service might flag the automatic procedure as such if too many 'likes' come in a very short time from a single user account.

One of the best ways of using Auto Like Facebook Statuses is activating it only after starting Firefox and logging into your account. After it does its job, you can disable the extension from the 'Add-ons Manager' and avoid the scenario described in the paragraph above.

To sum things up, it's safe to say that Auto Like Facebook Statuses will surely help those with many friends and groups in their Facebook list. It does require a bit of attention insofar as the usage is concerned, but otherwise, the add-on is quite useful and a time saver for sure.

Auto Like Facebook Statuses was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on January 28th, 2013
Auto Like Facebook Statuses - Auto Like Facebook Statuses is a Firefox extension designed to automatically like Facebook statuses for friends and groups.

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