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An extension which automatically blocks websites of your choice.

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BlockSite is a browser extension that enables you to prevent certain websites from being loaded by Mozilla Firefox. It is a simple and effective tool for blocking potentially dangerous or questionable websites from being accessed.

The extension is designed to help Firefox users limit the Internet access by specifying the websites that cannot be visited. It is a simple tool that allows you to protect your children from inappropriate content or prevent your employees from visiting web pages that are not related to their activity.

In order to block a website you only need to enter the link in the list and select the blacklist mode. The add-in also includes the whitelist mode which enables the user to access only the links from the list.

While the extension is active, the browser cannot load the resources that are specified on the list and displays a warning message when attempting to open a blocked page. You block a website without displaying a message by disabling the warning from the Options tab.

This tool can share its settings with multiple computers by exporting and importing the list of hyperlinks. Since the list can be imported from a simple text file, you can create the list in a simple text editor in order to change the browser access permissions.

The settings of the extension can be protected by using a password which prevents the user from accessing or changing the list of links. However, the protection is not full-proof since the browser user can still disable or remove the add-on in order to access a website.

If you want to block access to certain websites, BlockSite is a simple tool that can get the job done with minimum effort. Since it can easily be bypassed, it is not recommended for corporate use.

BlockSite was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on July 22nd, 2013
BlockSite - BlockSite is an extension which automatically blocks websites of your choiceBlockSite - When trying to access a blocked site, users will be prompted with the BlockSite information bar

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