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A Firefox add-on which was especially tailored for handling ePub files from inside the web browser, online and offline e-books supported

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Ever since electronic publications hit the market and thanks to the continuous evolution of standards and the methods for reading such files, ePub books are now quite common and many users are familiarized with them.

For those who use a dedicated device (most likely an e-book reader) to open and view these documents there should be no problem when it comes to handling such items. For PC users, on the other hand, the need for a special software that can interpret and render correctly the e-books is evident.

In case you are not a fan of applications that have to be installed onto the computer, there is a more friendly approach. It involves the use of Firefox web browser and an affinity for its extensions because EPUBReader is one such tiny tool.

Easily installable via the Add-ons manager or by simply dragging and dropping it onto the main window of Mozilla's proprietary Internet browser, EPUBReader offers you a very simple way of dealing with e-books.

Once installed, the extension will make it possible for you to open online ePub files directly inside Firefox. It is also able to handle in a straightforward manner offline files, so in case you have the documents stored onto your PC, simply drag them onto the browser and they will open momentarily.

A great thing about this add-on is the fact that you can customize it as soon as you have an ePub file open. Thus, EPUBReader offers you the possibility to modify the background color, the fonts used, as well as their color and size.

The content can be further altered insofar as the margins and reading styles are concerned, including paging and column count. The table of contents can also be subject to customizations, mainly for colors and fonts used.

Overall, EPUBReader for Firefox does a great job and renders all the supported e-books flawlessly, while offering a good range of personalization opportunities for all users.

EPUBReader was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on September 9th, 2014
EPUBReader - EPUBReader is a Firefox addon that will enable you to read ePub files from your browser.EPUBReader - In this window of EPUBReader, you will be able to configure the Content settings.EPUBReader - EPUBReader will also enable you to customize the appearance for the table of contents.

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