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A simple extension for your Mozilla Firefox browser that easily opens the profile pictures page in an additional tab for any Facebook user






Facebook profile pictures is a simple and lightweight extension for your Firefox browser that enables Facebook users to easily access the profile pictures page for any of their friends or contacts.

The extension is very easy to install, as you only have to drag and drop the downloaded file onto the main window of the browser and wait for the setup process to complete. A browser restart is required for the changes to take effect.

Using the extension is very easy. Once installed, it adds a new item in the context menu of the browser, available when you right-click on the profile name of any Facebook user. This new entry is suggestively called 'Profile pictures' and clicking on it opens two tabs, one to view the profile pictures and the other for visiting the profile albums page.

This option can also be accessed within the 'Are you interested' or 'Meet New People' applications.

The extension can only work if the owner of the account you want to view profile pictures for allowed this specific album in the image gallery to be explored by other users. Otherwise, a 'Content not found' message is displayed.

Unfortunately, the extension's compatibility range is limited to older versions of Firefox, which is unfortunate for those of you who use more recent editions.
Last updated on March 5th, 2014
Facebook profile pictures - You can access the selected user's profile pictures page using the newly added item in the context menu.

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