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A handy and reliable Firefox extension designed to provide a simple method for exploring the far corners of the DOM by keyboard or mouse

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Also known as one of the most popular and powerful web development tools, Firebug is a small Firefox extension that gives you total control when it comes to editing, debugging or monitor HTML, CSS or JavaScript on any web page.

Firebug bothers you only when you really need it. The utility is disabled on websites by default but, it can be accessed with a single click from the Firefox status bar. Firebug can be enabled for specific web sites, making it hassle free when you want to browse other web pages without the need of this extension.

When it comes to website editing, Firebug automatically activates the HTML, CSS and DOM tabs as soon as you open it. Keeping the other features disabled helps reduce the extension fingerprint on system resources and also keeps you focused on the important things.

If you are a CSS designer or HTML editor, the default enabled tabs might be the only ones you ever need. Enabling the other panels (JavaScript or Net) is easily done using the drop down menu for each of them.

By default the extension opens as a bar at the bottom of your browser but, you can also use Firebug as a separate window making it very useful when you have two monitors to work with.

Editing and inspecting HTML has never been done so easily. The extension can find deeply buried HTML elements allowing you to edit them on the spot.

Also aimed at CSS designers, Firebug makes available all the information you need about web page styles and gives you the possibility to make changes that will be visible instantly.

Monitoring network activity is another feature available with Firebug. You can quickly find out why your pages are taking too much time to load using the unfolding time bars for each loaded file.

For JavaScript debuggers, Firebug comes with a powerful debugger and profiler that can help you measure and improve your JavaScript performance.

Firebug is probably the only extension you may ever need when it comes to debugging, editing or monitoring HTML, CSS or JavaScript code on any website.

FireBug was reviewed by Cosmin Anton
Last updated on October 6th, 2015
FireBug - FireBug will help you quickly and easily explore the far corners of the DOM by keyboard or mouseFireBug - The main menu of the extension will provide users with location, text size, or other options selection capabilitiesFireBug - Users will be able to rapidly access the Console, HTML, CSS, Script, DOM, Net or Cookies panelsFireBug - screenshot #4FireBug - screenshot #5FireBug - screenshot #6FireBug - screenshot #7FireBug - screenshot #8FireBug - screenshot #9

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