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Firefox add-on that will give you the option to browse your files exactly like in Windows Explorer directly from your browser






Firefly is a file browser extension designed for the Firefox browser. Browse your files as you would on Windows Explorer or Konqueror.

Copy your files from one directory to another. Split the view to 2,3,4... as many panes as you like. Easily preview Documents, PDF, Audio/Video and image files.

View Mozilla engine and IE's engine output head to head.

Here are some key features of "Firefly":

■ Multiplatform - Windows and Linux are supported, waiting input from a Mac user because i have no way of testing it there.
■ Four different view types for the file browser (details,list,tiles,thumbnails).
■ Ability to split the view as many times as you like.
■ Ability to expand the selected view for more confortable work.
■ Integrated Mozilla and IE engines (requires IETab to be installed).
■ Integrated Audio/Video, Document, PDF, Image preview (requires VLC, OpenOffice, Acrobat reader plugins to be installed).
■ Audio/Video, Image preview in the tooltip (again VLC plugin is required).
■ Filter current view - you can use regular expressions or just plain wildcards (changed in preferences).
■ Search in the current folder and subfolders.
■ Copy/Paste,Cut/Paste files and folders (currently Cut is doing the same as Copy - as soon as i receive enough user input that everything is working 100% correct i'll fix Cut to really do cut).
■ Delete files and folders (delete asks only once if you are sure - after that you can't stop it - so be carefull).
■ Transferring files allows to pause/cancel/resume the transfer. If the files exists in the destination you will be asked if you want to resume(file size must be smaller), overwrite or rename the file.
■ Keyboard navigation in the views and between views.
■ Multiple languages (currently en,bg available).
■ Tree can be set up to show only what you like and the order in which you like to see it.
■ "Send to" and "Open with" menus are customizable too.
■ External editor setup - configure which text exitor to use in the preferences and just press F3 (or use the contex menu) and the currently selected file will be opened in that editor.


■ Firefox 3.0.*
Last updated on August 6th, 2008
Firefly - After installing this extension you will be able to access Firefly from the your browser's Tools menu.Firefly - In the Firefly sidebar you will be able to easily browse your computer just as you would do in Explorer.Firefly - From the Firefly Options menu, General Settings you will be able to you will be able to configure the view settings.Firefly - Firefly Options menu, File Types window - here you can view, add or remove movie, music, image, document and pdf file types.

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