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A visually appealing theme that enhances the look of your Firefox browser with various graphic elements inspired from Microsoft Vista

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You can easily improve the appearance of your browsers, especially considering that installing a theme is not very difficult and that it does not require advanced skills. For instance, you can make sure your Firefox interface matches your Vista computer by installing Firefox Vista.

It needs to be mentioned from the beginning that you cannot install this extension if you are using the latest version of Firefox, as it only supports older versions, ranging from 0.9 to 1.5.

This extension can be installed in two different ways - on the one hand, you can simply download the XPI file then load it within the browser using the Open command from the File menu; alternatively, you can drag and drop the downloaded XPI onto the main window of Firefox.

No matter the method you choose, the extension will be installed and you can find it in the Themes window (not the Extensions one). Once you restart Firefox, you can notice the revamped interface of the browser.

The navigation buttons (the Back and Forward ones) are updated to match the innovative interface of Windows Vista, along the the other buttons: Go to Homepage, Reload Page or Stop loading. The tabs also feature a more modern look.

It goes without saying that you can still view the menus and windows that were typically accessible when using Firefox, so the browser’s functionality and performance are not affected, despite the updated looks.

To sum it up, if you still use an old version of Firefox and want to personalize its appearance, you can give Firefox Vista a try, as it does its job without any issues. However, you should keep in mind that relying on an outdated browser means it might have security vulnerabilities or fewer features than its latest version, so you are advised to update it.

Firefox Vista was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on August 2nd, 2013
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