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A reliable and intuitive Firefox add-on, designed to save bookmarks, create backups for them as well as synchronize them with your online account

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Xmarks is a smart Firefox add-on that offers both local bookmark management and also an online synchronization service. The add-on enables you to save bookmarks in and automatically create a backup or synchronize them with an online account.

Online bookmark management

The add-on allows you to save and manage bookmarks saved on several computers, by prompting you to create an online account on the Xmarks website. From there on, the process is simple. Click on the bookmark symbol in the Firefox browser and select the Xmarks option in order to sync it to your online account.

All the webpages you have bookmarked with Xmarks can be found in your online collection. You can view them, change their tags or even add new ones, without previously accessing the corresponding website.

Site info and smart suggestions

The info symbol in the Firefox address bar prompts an informational dialogue, that displays statistical data about the website you are currently visiting. Moreover, it can suggest related webpages. Xmarks suggests trusted websites, with high traffic that might interest you, based on your bookmarks, ratings or tags.

Useful automation

The add-on is capable of automatically start synchronizing your local bookmark collection with your online account, if you select the dedicated option. Alternatively, it can perform the synchronization or backup right before computer shut down. If you choose the latter, a Xmarks prompts a dialogue box first, asking you if you if you wish to proceed with the update.

The items included in the synchronizing process are primarily bookmarks, but you can also save the recent history or open tabs.


Xmarks is a useful tool for easily saving and managing every bookmark you have saved, as well as an instrument of discovery, thanks to its website suggesting option. It displays site information, ratings and recommended tags, in order to help you manage your online bookmark collection.

Xmarks was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on May 13th, 2015
Xmarks - Xmarks is an intuitive service that allows you to synchronize multiple bookmars saved on one or more computers.Xmarks - The add-on requires that you create an account, where you can manage all the bookmarks saved with Xmarks.Xmarks - You can easily access Xmarks, from the bookmark symbol in Firefox, then set up the sync and backup options.Xmarks - screenshot #4Xmarks - screenshot #5Xmarks - screenshot #6Xmarks - screenshot #7Xmarks - screenshot #8Xmarks - screenshot #9Xmarks - screenshot #10

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