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Override the default text-only and full-page (both text and images) zoom levels for all websites and memorize your zoom levels and color settings per site

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With web browsers being equipped with more and more accessibility tools, they have reached a level where nearly all work can be done inside the dedicated window. In this regard, NoSquint aims to further enhance the way you navigate pages by applying a smart zoom to selected pages that are difficult to read or view.

Clever integration with Mozilla Firefox

After a quick deployment and integration with Mozilla Firefox, default zoom buttons are added to your toolbar in case they weren't already, so you can quickly trigger main functions. The current zoom level is displayed and hitting the specific button resets all page zoom options to a default size you can set from the global settings menu.

Different settings for each web page

Making content smaller or larger is simply done by pressing the adjacent buttons of the previously mentioned function. However, you can also use the CTRL key along with your mouse wheel for quicker manipulation.

What makes a difference between what this extension has to offer and default zoom options is that your preferences are remembered for each site it is applied to. The whole domain is kept with your desired size specifications so you can freely navigate. What's more, options let you choose whether to apply zoom to the whole page or just to the text itself, for a clear view.

Several customization options

Depending on the frequency you visit specific web pages, the application can discard settings for websites not visited for a given amount of time. A reset can also be applied when Firefox closes in case zooming is used temporary.

A list can be created with exceptions so you don't accidentally mess up the preview section, with Google being added by default. Customization shows its head too, with a few options to overwrite website colors and apply your custom background, but only a color tone, as well as modifying the same settings for displayed text.

In conclusion

All in all, NoSquint can greatly come in handy if your work implies spending your day with your eyes glued to the monitor, jumping from one website to another and facing reading difficulties. The clever saving of preferences enhances practicability, as well as the few provided customization options that can display text with a color of your choice on a custom background.

No Squint was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on October 20th, 2014
No Squint - With the help of No Squint you are able to zoom in and zoom specific websites

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