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Firefox extension used to open block page by one click and to change the proxy server easily

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Phzilla is an extension for Mozilla Firefox that is designed to help you get anonymity while browsing the Web. After installing it in your Firefox browser, a new status bar icon appears, allowing you to open any blocked webpage by clicking on it.

What Phzilla actually does is open the current page by proxy, which means it downloads the page content in its memory and displays it to the user. The host of the webpage is only visited by the server IP address and not the user's IP, thus protecting the identity.

Left-clicking on the status bar icon accesses the URL in the location bar via the selected PhProxy server. If the webpage you are trying to open via proxy is not displayed correctly, you have to change the proxy server, as some do not support certain web content.

You can do it by using the right-click menu that reveals multiple options to choose from: change the privacy level (PhProxy, cache or both), update the default server or modify the PhProxy server, which can also be entered manually.

The extension offers different and fast proxy server alternatives and allows you to change them easily. Among the supported ones, you can find PHProxy 0.4 and 0.5b2, as well as Glype.

Phzilla can be easily configured: you can deactivate the client-side scripting content of webpages, enable cookie storage, strip meta information tags or the page title, replace the original address with the decoded one or set the default server update interval. By default, the server is updated once per day.

Although it is just a lightweight Firefox addon, this extension can prove to be a useful and reliable tool for protecting your IP address while navigating online and opening blocked webpages.

Phzilla was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on October 15th, 2012
Phzilla - Phzilla will help you quickly and easily open block page by one click and to change the proxy server easilyPhzilla - The Cache options submenu will provide users with Google cache, Wayback Machine or Coral cachePhzilla - Users will be able to access preferences such as PhProxy, Controllers, Servers or Misc from the Options windowPhzilla - screenshot #4Phzilla - screenshot #5Phzilla - screenshot #6

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