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Give your Facebook profile a new look within a selection of Mozilla Firefox web browsers early version withi this particular extension

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Pink Facebook is a Mozilla Firefox extension that used to work a few years back when Firefox didn’t already jump to the 3.5 version. Yes, Pink Facebook does not work anymore as times changed and as it never received an update to support newer version of Firefox.

Moreover, you can only try Pink Facebook within a supported version of Firefox and quickly realize that this is only a waste of your precious time. One question arises, though. Why would you want to paint your Facebook (not the whole town, hopefully) pink? For some people, that can be a dying wish, somehow.

We can now say that Pink Facebook or any similar applications address only a small crowd of little girls and some other types of people, namely the ones that just love pink or pretend they do, like Paris Hilton or the members of Aerosmith (yes, that is an unfortunate comparison).

It’s only a matter of taste, really and when it comes to that, we were taught there is no accounting for them. If you want your Facebook to be pink, or yellow, or orange or any other color but the default one, for that matter, you can accomplish that using a program. However, Pink Facebook cannot help you anymore, although it used to.

All in all, Pink Facebook is useless today. Unless it gets an update out from nowhere as its developer’s web page is not working anymore, either, it surely goes down the road to nowhere and you should only download it for educational purposes and, why not, create a new extension based on it that actually works.

Pink Facebook was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on November 14th, 2013

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