Pixlr Grabber (Formerly Pixlr)

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Edit snapshots and images in Pixlr online image editor.

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Pixlr Grabber is an extension for Mozilla Firefox that enhances your browsing experience by changing the way you manage online pictures.

Once you install the addon, you have to restart your Firefox browser for it to function. After that, new items are added to the right-click menu of any picture you find while navigating, offering you various options to choose from.

The one that catches the attention is the 'Edit image' option, which opens the picture with Pixlr Editor or Pixlr Express, two online advanced editing applications that work with layers and allow you to enhance the picture using graphic effects and other procesing tools. The picture background can be edited using the same steps.

The other option allows you to capture images and save them to your PC. You can grab the entire page, just the visible part or only a selected area of the screen. No matter what you choose, a menu appears on the screen, allowing you to edit the picture with one of the above mentioned editors, share it to Imm.io, save it to your desktop or copy it to the clipboard.

You can customize the extension according to your preferences, by choosing the elements to display in the context menu (edit images / background, capture browser screen) and set the default image editor. Also, you are able to set the default action after capturing the screen (open in editor, share, save to your PC or copy to clipboard) and select to open the Pixlr service in the current tab or a new one.

Pixlr Grabber is especially useful for those who are searching for several pictures to integrate in their projects. Thus, they can speed up their work flow by copying, saving, sharing or even editing the captured images using only the web browser.

Pixlr Grabber (Formerly Pixlr) was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on October 10th, 2012
Pixlr Grabber (Formerly Pixlr) - The extension allows users to edit pictures by selecting the Edit function found in the context menu.

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