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A very useful add-on that is addressed to all users who need to use a secure and fast proxy in order to connect to a certain webpage

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The numerous add-ons developed for Mozilla's Firefox cover plenty of functions that users might need to implement in their preferred web browser. Those made to ensure privacy and protection of personal data are surely on the list of most sought after extensions and among them you can find one that is called Proxy List for Firefox.

As easy to integrate into the browser as any of its counterparts, this particular add-on will surely help those who often need to connect through a secure proxy in order to access certain webpages that may be otherwise inaccessible.

Once Proxy List for Firefox is installed, it adds a new button that becomes immediately visible in the Navigation Toolbar. Pressing it will reveal a list of proxy websites that you can use for establishing virtually anonymous connections.

Beside the address of the site you will also receive data about their country of origin, the type of script they use and, most importantly, they will be ordered according to their loading speed which is shown in milliseconds.

You can select the countries and types of script to have Proxy List for Firefox narrow the search, but these criteria are somewhat limited at this time and offer very few options. On the other hand, you will surely have more success with the running settings of this extension which offer more opportunities for customization.

The default parameters can be easily adjusted so you can set manually the maximum number of listed proxies and have the add-on start functioning as soon as Firefox opens. For extra security, there is the possibility to make SSL proxies fill the first places in the list and also to have regular proxies open in SSL mode, whenever this is supported.

To conclude it's safe to say that the functionality brought by Proxy List for Firefox is most welcomed and the extension can prove to be quite helpful for many users.

Proxy List for Firefox was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on January 9th, 2014
Proxy List for Firefox - Proxy List for Firefox is a browser extension designed for proxy users.Proxy List for Firefox - You can configure the Options of Proxy List for Firefox using this window.

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