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Skill sub-levels prediction tool for the Hattrick online football manager game where you get to create your own club and build the team of your dreams






There are many enhancements that one can add to their preferred web browser, especially if the application is extensible through plugins, like Firefox is for instance. Depending on the daily habits of each user when it comes to Internet navigation, there are plenty of extensions to choose from in order to make certain tasks easier to carry out.

Numerous services which cater for the needs of hobbyists or professionals can be made more accessible and their features easier to reach and use if the appropriate add-in is present. For instance, football enthusiasts who are involved in playing Hattrick online would surely benefit from using a tool like FoxTrick.

Easy to install in Firefox and without requiring a browser restart, this add-in is jam-packed with features which allow it to cover a wide range of actions and add numerous useful functions. It has several modules and comes with an extensive configuration area from where it is possible to customize in detail its running parameters.

Neatly organized under the 'Preferences' area of FoxTrick, all the settings are structured in multiple categories, from where it is quite easy to select and adjust any module. The accessibility or alert features are thus at hand and there are many forum specific functions that can be activated and configured with just a couple of clicks.

Gathering information, displaying match predictions or adding a multitude of extra links on most pages available when logged in Hattrick are also among the capabilities of FoxTrick. With numerous tweaks and shortcuts waiting to be set active and customized from the dedicated area, this extension is very well equipped for providing a memorable experience for all its users.
Last updated on July 8th, 2015
FoxTrick - FoxTrick will provide users with a skill sub-levels prediction tool for the Hattrick online football manager gameFoxTrick - The main section of the preferences area will help you access the setup, general options or stored preferencesFoxTrick - Users will be able to quickly and easily restore default, delete tokens, revoke permissions or clear cacheFoxTrick - screenshot #4

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