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Install RoboForm Mozilla Adapter to make RoboForm work in Firefox / Mozilla

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RoboForm Firefox/Mozilla Adapter is a useful extension that allows you to integrate the RoboForm features directly from browser. The extension has multiple versions and allows you to use RoboForm with other browsers such as Netscape, SeaMonkey or Flock.

This extension is compatible with older browser versions and enables the RoboForm toolbar for the users that do not want to upgrade their browser. It is a useful tool for older computers that need to minimize the resources used for browsing the Internet.

The toolbar added to your browser allows you to manage bookmarks and login information that are saved by RoboForm. In order to save the user and the password for a certain website you just need to fill the fields and click the button from the toolbar.

You can use the toolbar to login on a certain website such as a webmail or forum authentication page. In order to fill the login credentials you only need to click the Logins button. The extension allows you to store multiple logins for the same page in order to accommodate multiple browser users.

Forms can be filled with just one click by storing your information in the Identities window. The main button from the toolbar provides you with quick access to most of the features of the RoboForm application.

It also includes a password generator that can create random passwords for the new accounts. You only need to set the number and the type of characters that you want to use. The generated password can be copied to the clipboard or filled in the field from the current page with just one click.

This lightweight tool comes in handy to anyone that requires quick access to their bookmarks, form information or credentials on some of the older versions of Mozilla based browsers. The extensions for the latest browser versions are included in the RoboForm installer.

Roboform Firefox/Mozilla Adapter was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on July 19th, 2012
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