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A Mozilla Firefox extension that provides you with an integrated development environment for Selenium tests which you can easily use

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Selenium IDE offers developers a full-featured working environment for creating, recording and debugging Selenium automation scripts. It comes in the form of a Mozilla Firefox addon, but it provides a complete IDE that you can work with.

The technology it relies on allows the automation of administrative tasks and web applications for exploratory testing purposes. Alongside the IDE, the extension also installs code formatters for various programming languages, namely Java, C#, Python and Ruby.

Its recording capabilities can be used for quickly generating new scripts, but you can also manually edit the script contents. The variate array of commands it supports comprises variate actions that can be performed within the browser, the most common being opening tabs and clicking on links. The command explanations, along with the syntax examples are designed to give you a helping hand in creating your script.

The HTML source code that corresponds to each command is automatically generated. Be default, Selenium IDE is only compatible with HTML, but you an also set it to convert the test case to all the aforementioned languages and save the output locally. Furthermore, it provides support for user-extensions.js files.

Comment insertion, autocomplete for all commands, page title assertion, smart field filling (uses IDs, names or Xpaths, as required), breakpoint creation and test case history management are other advantages that it comes with.

Furthermore, its functionality can be easily enhanced by using the plugin system, which allows you to add new functions to the API and modify existing properties, customize export capabilities, the format support and more.

Selenium IDE is not just a simple recording utility, providing you with all the necessary tools for generating scripts from scratch. Its capabilities make it a great tool for creating Selenium test cases, which can help you with your automation tasks.

Selenium IDE was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on March 10th, 2015
Selenium IDE - Selenium IDE is an integrated development environment that you can use for Selenium scripts from your Firefox Browser.Selenium IDE - The application displays a user-friendly interface and enables you to record code,Selenium IDE - From the Actions menu, you are able to play the entire test suite, play the current case, as well as toggle the breaking point.Selenium IDESelenium IDESelenium IDESelenium IDESelenium IDESelenium IDE

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