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A neat extension that will enable all those who like to play the online game Transformice to enjoy an extended, scrollable full screen mode

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Most Firefox users are well aware that the abilities of this web browser can be easily extended through the use of add-ons. There are loads of extensions that cover a variety of areas, including browser based games that can only be played online.

Among the many add-ons that can modify to the benefit of the user certain webpage characteristics, Transformice Ultra Fullscreen aims to provide a nice enhancement for all the fans of the mice and cheese game.

The extension installs without problems and its functionality becomes available after the browser is restarted. To check it out, just go to the game's online page and you will notice immediately that it is loaded in full screen.

The feature brought about this particular add-on is the extension of the view beyond the normal border of the game area, so you can view everything, in any direction just by using the scroll feature of your browser.

Also, if you right-click inside the webpage and select the 'Show All' function, the page will be magnified much more than it normally is. You should note that when this option is active, the characters and the whole environment may lose some of the quality, even if it is set to 'High'.

On the whole, Transformice Ultra Fullscreen can give a nice twist to the game by enabling users to look in any direction. Nonetheless, the extra zoom in brought by this add-on might decrease the quality and the feel of the game for some users.

Transformice Ultra Fullscreen was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on January 18th, 2014
Transformice Ultra Fullscreen - This add-on will adds scrolling feature to Transformice inside your Firefox browser

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