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A standard Urdu (ur) spellchecking dictionary

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Urdu Dictionary is a Firefox add-on that allows you to perform a quick spell check for any text written in Urdu within your browser interface. It allows you to get spelling suggestions without using an online tool or an advanced text editor.

To check the text by using external tools takes time and often means that you have to navigate away from the current page. The Urdu Dictionary extension has the advantage of displaying the errors almost instantly. It is also able to provide you with the spelling suggestions on the spot.

In order to use the extension you need to change the active dictionary from the context menu. This allows the browser to check the text with the database and mark the misspelled words.

The dictionary database uses multiple sources and includes most of the words used in Urdu. However, the context menu that provides you with the spelling suggestions allows you to add new words in order to extend the database.

The add-on is useful for the users that need to perform a quick spellcheck and for the ones that are still learning Urdu or are not accustomed with all the words. It is a practical tool that enhances the Firefox functions while maintaining the same performance.

Whether you write emails or filling online forms, you can take advantage of the Firefox spellchecking features and the Urdu Dictionary to correct your text.

Urdu Dictionary was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on September 6th, 2012
Urdu Dictionary - Urdu Dictionary will provide users with a Firefox extension consisting of a standard Urdu (ur) spellchecking dictionary

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